How To Choose Best Cutting Wheel

How To Choose Best Cutting Wheel

During the cutting wheel choosing process, how to choose best cutting wheel is more important for every customer. Choose the best cutting wheel can help them to get more value in the work process. JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD will tell you how to choose best cutting wheel as follows.

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As we know, abrasive cutting wheel as a cutting tool used in many different fields, especially suitable for the pre-process of the welding process in the field of machine building.Most welders will always prefer a cut line that is smooth and consistent to make a clean, strong weld joint with as little filler metal as possible. So how to choose best abrasive cutting wheel is most important for them.

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Generally speaking, during the cutting wheel choosing process, how to find the balance between speed, life and cost is often the biggest challenge for most users. If they simply select the least expensive cutting wheel, it can end up costing the user valuable time and money.

As a high quality abrasive cutting wheel, grinding disc and abrasive flap disc direct factory, JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD will tell you how to choose the greatest cutting wheel for your using.

If you want to know how to choose best one, you show know some basic knoledge of cutting wheel as follows,

  1. The type of cutting wheel

The two popular cutting wheel types are Type 41, which is flat shape, and Type 42 or Type 27, which has a depressed center, or raised center hub.

Type 41 cutting wheel offer more versatility, especially when direct users cutting profiles, corners, C channel or anything that requires the operator to cut up and over two different planes of cutting surface. Because the entire cutting surface is flat, direct users can use more size of the cutting wheel for cutting workpiece 

Type 42 or Type 27 depressed center cut off wheel is a ideal for getting into tight corners or overhangs, or for whenever the direct user needs additional offset from the grinder to perform the cut. Although the Type 42 or Type 27 depressed center cut off wheel provides the extra clearance sometimes needed to get the job done,the direct user must be careful not to plunge too deep into the cut, because the raised hub can interfere with the material being cut and ultimately compromise the structural integrity of the cutting wheel. So the flat cutting wheel T41 type is more popular in the market . 

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2. The main abrasive material of cutting wheel 

There are three main abrasive material commonly used in bonded abrasive cutting wheels: aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic alumina.

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2.1. Aluminum oxide cutting wheel

The advantages of aluminum oxide cutting wheel is fast, smooth and easy-to-control, but aluminum oxide cutting wheel less resistant to heat. Aluminum oxide wheels are the most economical and have a high initial cut rate, but the defect is shorter product life. As a result, aluminum oxide cutting wheels are ideal for cutting milder alloys, such as carbon steels. White aluminum oxide wheels can provide increased durability and cut rate, while maintaining a lower cost of use.

2.2. Ceramic alumina cutting wheel have the self-sharpen character and are the most resistant to heat, providing a consistently high cut rate and longer life. But the defect of this kind cutting wheel for most customer is the most expensive cost.

2.3. Zirconia alumina cutting wheel is a harder,tougher grain cutting wheel that is more resistant to heat than aluminum oxide cutting wheel, because of this reason,this cutting wheel can make them more resistant to heat and allows for harder bonds, resulting in longer life during the cutting process  . At the same time, Zirconia alumina cutting wheel also maintain sharpness longer than the aluminum oxide cutting wheel.  

 Zirconia alumina cutting wheel provide an excellent overall value as they do not need to be replaced as often, reducing product changeover while also minimizing costly operator downtime.The price of this kind cutting wheel have higher cost than that of Aluminum oxide cutting wheel. 

So every buyer should keep in mind that product cost also typically increases along with durability and cut rate.

3.Every direct user should calculat upfront cost to compare downtime and turnover

When you select the best cutting wheel for your job, it’s important to consider not only the up-front wheel cost, but also the costs associated with downtime and changeover. You can select a higher quality, more durable product by through minimized downtime and reduced overall cost during your using process .

4. The thickness of cutting wheel to choose 

Generally speaking, thicker cutting wheel can have longer using life time, but that also increased the price cost. Thicker cutting wheel cut slower and generate more friction and heat through the cut — often discoloring the workpiece and requiring additional steps to finish. 

so direct user should consider the material when selecting the best cutting wheel for the job.

In all , how to choose best cutting wheel is more important for direct user . If you are the direct user , you should read these technical carfully. 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD as a high quality abrasive products manufacture , we will not only supply best cutting wheel, grinding disc for your using , but also we will guild you to get the right cutting wheel to use or sale . 

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