Abrasive Flap Disc For Wood

This abrasive flap disc for wood made of aluminium oxide cloth. It have high grinding efficiency, stability of the grinding quality, High strength and flexible, High durability with lower price compared with other brand products.

Product Details

This kind abrasive flap disc for wood sanding is mainly made of  aluminium oxide X-cloth, fully synthetic resin bonded and fiberglass backing plate . Because of the aluminium oxide cloth material , it is the lowest-cost option. Today, it is recommended for smaller jobs where the product being produced is low-value, which is particularly suitable for surface sanding and working on welded seams at a work angle of 5-15°. 


T27 FLAP  DISC .jpgt29 FLAP DISC .jpg

How to choose abrasive flap disc for wood sanding ?

If you want to choose the right flap disc. Remember, conical shaped flap discs are great for stock removal and flat flap discs are best for finishing. 

You can use aluminum oxide grits for wood applications, just because of the lowest cost price of aluminum oxide material.

Flap disc backing material is important as it provides support during operation. Use metal backings for concrete or engineered stones, and use fiberglass or plastic backings for most metal or wood jobs. Also consider your abrasive grit material, and choose your grit size to achieve the desired results. For common grinding, use abrasives with lower grit numbers. For smooth finishing, use higher grit sizes.

 For wood sanding, you should also use the flap discs on your angle grinder just like you would use a grinding wheel. In order to avoid deep scratches, start with a heavy grit and work your way up to the lighter grits (100+) for a final finish. For wood sanding, work your way through 120, 150, 180 and 220-grit sizes to achieve a furniture-grade surface.

Using a flap disc instead of a traditional tool can greatly enhance the quality of your job. You can also benefit from lower noise and vibration. Flap discs can lead you to a world of new applications, while helping you achieve new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Basic information 

  1. Flap disc Types : T27 ;T29

  2. Grit :  Grit 80 - Grit 320

  3. Flap disc size for wood sanding : 4"( 100x16mm)flap disc for wood , 4.5"(115x22.2mm) abrasive flap disc, 5"(125x22.2mm)abrasive flap disc , 6"(150x22.2mm)abrasive flap disc,  7"(180x22.2mm)abrasive flap disc 

  4. Specifications of flaps on flap disc

Number of flaps on flap disc to choose in our company : 56 flaps , 72 flaps ,80 flaps,90 flaps, 120 flaps ,140 flaps or other flaps number according with customers's need . 

Flap size accoding with customers' need 

 Different specifications of flaps,the cost of flap disc is different.

flap disc  introduction .png

5.Quality Certification

As a high quality abrasive products manufacture , we have the ISO , MPA Quality Certification.

6.Brand name : JUMA or OEM brand 

7.place of origin:Henan province , China   

Why customers like our company to do business ?

1: we are the  direct abrasive flap disc , abrasive cutting wheel and abrasive grinding disc manufacture and factory . Not only we can supply best quality abrasive flap disc for metal working , but also can supply lowest price to customer .

2: During the abrasive flap disc manufacture process , we use the high quality abrasive cloth material,  our own top platinum series fiberglass backing plate with 8-14 layers to produce flap disc, so that we can ensure our flap disc can have the best features, such as: high grinding efficiency, stability of the grinding quality, High strength and flexible,  High durability with lower price. 

flap disc material .png

Best abrasive cloth   T29 Fiberglass Backings Plate       T27 Fiberglass Backings Plate

In order to meet the special need from our foreign customers , we can also manufacture the abrasive flap disc by using the world famous abrasive paper with different grit size to meet customers’ market , such as VSM Germany abrasive paper , deerfos abrasive paper .

3: Quality Assurance and Production Capacity

 JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD have the strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production.

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD. has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line to ensure goods delivery time .

 Generally , 30 days for 1 container order. Roughly one or two weeks for sample order

Any other question , you can talk with us on line .

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