Coated Abrasive Flap Disc 7 Inch

This coated abrasive flap disc 7 inch is manufactured by using China local famouse Aluminum Oxide cloth and our own tope quality platinum fiberglass backing plate.Compared with competing products on the market, it have More Durable,Higher strength and lower price character.

Product Details

Product Description

 This coated abrasive flap disc 7 inch is manufactured by using China local famouse Aluminum Oxide cloth and our own tope quality platinum fiberglass backing plate. It can be used for cleaning flash from molds and castings, removing rust, edge grinding, deburring, weld-seam blending, wood and stone polishing. The Aluminum Oxide cloth make it more economical. 

Compared with competing products on the market, our products have special advantage as follows    

  1. More Durable --- We have more durable character, just because we use more cloth material and best quality raw cloth material to ensure the using life time .  

  2. Higher strength --- We use our own tope quality platinum fiberglass backing plate with 10+1 layer to manufacture this Aluminum Oxide abrasive flap disc, so that it can reach higher speed to meet customers'need. At the same time, we use double-layer coating technology to ensure the strength of the product. 

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  3. Lowest price --- as we know, coated abrasive flap discs are constructed with cloth coated-abrasive material, cut into squares and glued onto a backing plate. The main parts of coated abrasive flap disc is the abrasive cloth and backing plate,so that the cost price of flap disc depend on these two items. We/JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD have our own fiber glass backing plate production line to meet our flap disc manufacture, so we can reduce our flap disc cost during the manufacture process.

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Application of the Aluminum Oxide coated abrasive flap disc 7 inch 

Aluminum Oxide Coated Abrasive Flap Disc is mainly used for grinding and polishing carbon steel metal, wood, metal, iron, welding rods etc. This kind of flap disc is also called Metal Polishing Flap Disc, just because it mainly used for common metal steel.


20pcs/shrink inside box, 200pcs/carton box 

Other Details

Manufacturer: JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD 

Brand : JUMA 

OEM brand : can be accepted 

Performance Level:High Performance

Abrasive Type:Coated

Coated Abrasive Flap Disc Diameter:7 Inch

Arbor Size: 7/8 inch

Material Density:Standard

Disc Type (Shape):Type 27 Coated Abrasive Flap Disc

Disc Code:T27

Disc Description:Flat

Disc Backing:Phenolic Fiberglass Backing Plate with 10+1 layer

Grit:60 Grit, also can supply Grit 46#, Grit 120# , Grit 240#,Grit 320# 

Configuration:A 60


Abasive Material:Aluminum Oxide

Material Backing:Poly Cotton Cloth

Brand Series:X


Max RPM:8400

Material (Workpiece):carbon steel metal, wood, metal, iron, welding rods

Why choose coated abrasive flap disc to do grinding work? 

1:Coated Abrasive Flap disc grind and finish at the same time, saving both time and money.

2:Coated Abrasive Flap disc remove material aggressively. Its removal power is equal to depressed cool center wheel but it works safer and offers a better finished surface.

3:Coated Abrasive Flap disc have a lightweight design to reduce operator fatigue.

4:Coated Abrasive Flap disc is easy to use and requires very little surface pressure. Its especially cool cutting permits light contouring and avoids burning work-pieces by overheating.

5:Coated Abrasive Flap disc last up to 25 times longer than conventional fiber discs due to their overlapping flap construction.

6:Coated Abrasive Flap disc assure consistent performance as new particles are continually exposed during the life of the product.

7:Coated Abrasive Flap disc, due to their tough construction, allows for aggressive edge grinding.

Flap discs in conical shape enables the fullest contact between work-piece and disc surface.

Why customers choose our company to do business ?

1: We are the direct factory who can manufacture coated abrasive flap disc, abrasive cutting wheel,abrasive grinding disc and fiberglass backing plate in china . We can supply best quality goods with lower price.

2: We can provide online technical guidance and optimal after-sales service guarantee. 

3: We have a complete quality assurance system and conduct all online testing of our products.

4: Customers' demanded can be 100% meet during the order process .

5: We can deliver the order goods in a short time to meet customers' urgent need in any time.

6: Free samples can be supplied for customer checking quality before order. OEM brand can be used on our products . 

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