Flexible Flap Disc

This flexible flap disc is designed by using a unique flap design to make it have strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength, good self-sharpness, high grinding rate and low noise character. It can be used for grinding and polishing complicated surfaces. Best performance and wide range of applications make it more popular in the market.

Product Details

This flexible flap disc with flower shape is made of calcined alumina cloth and special backing plate, so it is also called flexible flower shaped flap disc.

It can be suitable for stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, automobile, wood, marble polishing work. It can replace the resin grinding wheel in some special area. Besides, it also has strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength, good self-sharpness, high grinding rate and low noise. It is suitable for the grinding of the weld seam in the steel box.

flexible calcined flap disc .png

Manufactured by arranging a plurality of abrasive cloth sheets on a tray in a fan-shaped arrangement, the angle of bonding between each abrasive cloth and the plane of the tray is 10°-30°. The cutting angle  is optimized when the workpiece is processed, and the substrate of the abrasive cloth wheel is synchronously consumed with the frosting, which significantly improves the overall wear resistance and grinding efficiency of the flower-shaped flexible flap disc and prolongs the service life.

Basic information  

Disc diameter:100mm 

Bore diameter:16mm 

Material:calcined alumina oxide and Zirconium oxide

Grit:80#, also can supply Grit 60#,Grit 120#,Grit 240#,Grit 320#....

Flaps size:23mm x 25mm x 46pcs( 48pcs, 50pcs and 52pcs)

Special advantage 

  1. strong elasticity, higher tensile and bending strength due to the unique flap design;

  2. Best self-sharpness character to supply higher grinding rate;

  3. Long using life time with less wast to reduce production cost, because of the special backing plate;

  4. Can be used for complicated curved surfaces grinding and polishing without burning workpiece;

  5. Best heat dissipation, can do continuous operation with stable grinding performance;

  6. Lower vibration with best grinding feeling during the using process.

Package detail 

10pcs /shrink , 400pcs/carton box .

flexible flap disc package .png 

Production capacity:600000pcs/30days;

Loading port:Shanghai port or qingdao port China;

Delivery time: one container/within 25 days;

Brand name:JUMA or OEM brand you demanded.

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