4.5 Inch 60 Grit Zirconia Flap Disc

This 4.5 inch 60 Grit zirconia flap disc is made of first grade Zirconia alumina cloth and our own top quality fiber glass backing plate 107 with 9+1 layer.Compared with other competitors, This zirconia flap disc can have longer durablity,longer stock time without performance attenuation,higher strength,and best performance with lower price.

Product Details

This 4.5 inch 60 Grit zirconia flap disc is made of high quality Zirconia alumina cloth and our own tope quality fiber glass backing plate 107 with 9+1 layer. It can be used for metal steel,stainless steel grinding and polishing work. 

The main advantage of zirconia flap disc as follows 

1: Provide the best value during the using process, just because of the mid-tiered price.

2: Have a longer using life time than aluminum oxide flap discs.

3: Provide higher material removal rate.

4: Have the best grinding performance on ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

5: Have a more aggressive cut than ceramic flap discs.

zirconia flap disc for stainless .jpg

The special advantage of JUMA 4.5 inch 60 Grit zirconia flap disc compared with other competitors 

1.Longer durablity and higher sharpness;

2.Best heat dissipation to avoid burning workpiece;

3.Strong and nice packing with 5 layer of corrugated paper ,color package inside and outside;

4.longger stock time with no character lost;

5. best grinding performance with lowest price.

JUMA 4.5 inch 60 Grit zirconia flap disc.jpg

The reason why our zirconia flap disc can have special advantage?

1: We not only use the China local famous abrasive cloth,but also have the world famous abrasive cloth in stock ( such as VSM Cloth and Deerfos Cloth ) to manufacture the flap disc for customers;

2: We use more cloth on JUMA ABRASIVE Flap Disc,not only on the numbers of abrasive flaps ,but also the width and length on each abrasive flap . 

3: JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD have Auto- production line to manufacture the high quality Flap Disc,can avoid the human's error on products.

4:We have our own abrasive fiberglass backing plate line in our old factory, so that we can ensure the high quality of backing plate used on our flap disc and can also reduce the cost of flap disc. 

That is why our abrasive flap disc have three main character: more durable,higher strength,and best performance with lower price.


Other detail 

 Abrasive Material:  

Zirconia Aluminum 

Brand : 


Product customization:


OEM Brand :


specification of abrasive flaps on flap disc


Fiberglass Backings Plate:

fiberglass backing plate 107 with 9+1layer


5pcs/shrink, 20pcs/box,400pcs/carton box  

Grit Size:

36# - 320# can be chosen 

Color of Flap Disc :


OEM Order MOQ :


Sample :


Samples Finished time :


Payment Term :

T/T or LC

Delivery time :

Within 25days

Loading Port:

Shanghai or others port

Place of Origin:

Henan Province,China

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