6 X 7/8 Flap Disc 60 Grit

This 6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit is made by Zirconia cloth with 120 flaps on fiberglass backing plate 140x22.23 with 10+1 layer. It can be used for grinding and polishing stainless steel, aluminium steel and construction steel, mild steel etc.Compared with other products , it can have high grinding efficiency and high durability with lower price.

Product Details

Products introduction 

Abrasive Flap Discs are manufactured by overlapping coated abrasive flaps and fasten them on the backing plates. This design make the flap disc have the best heat dissipation features to avoid burning workpiece ,at the same time , it also prolong the using life of coated sanding disc.

Because of the overlapping sanding cloth on flap disc and the flexible character ,more abrasive material can be loaded onto the grinding surface, compared with other typical abrasive discs.

Generally , The characteristics of abrasive flap disc mainly depend on the quality of the gauze material and the category of abrasive cloth. At the same time , the using life of flap disc mainly depend on the specification of abrasive flaps. 

Zirconia flap disc specification .png

Advantages of Zirconia Flap Disc

1: Zirconia flap disc can provide a good cut-rate-to-cost ratio on high alloy steels and high tensile materials;

2: Zirconia flap disc  is also effective for stainless steel, high alloy steels and high tensile materials. Miller noted;

3: Zirconia flap disc can help to decrease discoloration of the workpiece and provide an excellent cut rate during the polishing work; 

4: Zirconia Flap Disc can provide a longer using life time than aluminum oxide flap disc;

5: Zirconia Flap Disc have the mid-tiered price and can provide the best value for every direct user.

Zirconia flap disc.jpg

Compared with other competitors, our company stand on the side of our customers. In order to ensure the high grinding efficiency and long using life of abrasive flap disc for customers, we not only use the advanced technology to manufacture the Zirconia Flap Disc , but also use more high grade abrasive material on our flap disc.

The number of flaps on 6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit

N= 120pcs.   Flap Size : 30mmx18mm(can be designed according customer need)

Backing plate : fiberglass backing plate 140x22.23 with 10+1 layer

Basic information of 6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit

Raw Material :Zirconia clothGrit Size : 60 Grit 
specification of abrasive flaps on flap disc :30mmx18mmx120pcs ( or designed according customer need)Backings Plate: Fiberglass backing plate 140x22.23 with 10+1 layer
Package :5pcs/ shrink , 20pcs/ box, 200pcs/ carton box Product customization: Accept 
Brand lable : 
" JUMA " or OEM brandMOQ of OEM order
Samples :
Free samples Samples Finished time :
Payment term: 
TT or LC
Price term CIF or FOB 
Loading port : Shanghai or Qingdao    port in China Order delivery time 
30 days / container  
Quality Certification:ISO , MPA Place of Origin:Henan Province , China 

Special advantage of  6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit

1. Higher strength and flexible;

2. longer using life time and Higher grinding efficiency;

3. Longer stock time ( 3 years at least ) without character lost;

4. Lower price compared with other competitor.

The difference of Type 27 flap disc and Type 29 flap disc 

T27 FLAP  DISC _副本.jpg  t29 FLAP DISC _副本.jpg

Type 27 flap disc can be used for blending and smoothing flat surfaces polishing work.Type 27 Flat flap discs are the best choice for flat surfaces finishing. 

Type 29 flap disc have the conical shape and have  angled flaps can be used on  both contoured and edge polishing work.    It can supply aggressive stock removal, just because the angle provides greater surface contact for stock removal on flat surfaces. Type 29 flap disc will be the best choice for workers when speed and stock removal are the primary considerations.

At present , T27 abrasive flap disc and T29 abrasive flap disc are available in our company. They are used on different machines,T27 Xtra Power angle grinder machine and T29 Xtra Power angle grinder machine. 

Why we use fiberglass backing plate to produce  6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit?

Fiberglass backing plates can help to absorb vibration during the grinding process , so that can help worker to have the best grinding feel. At the same time fiberglass backing plate can be consumed during the using process. Our top platinum fiberglass backing plate can make 6"x 7/8" Flap Disc 60 Grit have higher strength and higher flexible. 

FAQ : 

1. Are you the direct factory or trading company ?

We/ JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD is the direct factory located in Henan province in China. We can manufacture abrasive cutting wheel, grinding disc and abrasive flap disc with high quality and lower price. You can visit us in any time.

2. Can you supply free samples for our checking quality ?

Yes , free samples can be supplied for your checking , but we hope we can undertake the delivery cost together.

3. Can you supply OEM flap disc with our brand lable ?

Yes , we can supply if you need. In the past days , we supplied so more OEM order goods to different countries according with our customers' demanded.

4. About the package , can you design the package according with our market need ?

Yes , we can.

5. How can you ensure the container order goods have the same quality as your samples ?

In our company, we have the strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production which have made the Company to be able to optimize its production mode successively so as to meet with higher requirements from the clients.

All the samples we sent have the detail record kept in our technical department . After the samples approval from your side, we will check the record to fix the production art of your container order goods , so that we can ensure the same quality as samples. 

In order to meet the special need from our foreign customers , we can also manufacture the abrasive flap disc by using the world famous abrasive paper with different grit size to meet customers' market , such as VSM Germany abrasive paper , deerfos abrasive paper . 

Your requirments will be fully understood and 100% followed in case of order.