7inch General Purpose Grinding Wheel

This 7inch general purpose grinding wheel is a patented product of our company.It not only have a special color, but also can be used for different kinds material,such as construction steel,carbon steel, tool steel, non-alloy steel, cast steel,alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy,copper alloy,and so on. Best performance and best price will make customer get the higher benefit.

Product Details

Products Introduction 

This 7inch general purpose grinding wheel is made of special abrasive material and special resion bond . Compared with other ordinary grinding wheel , it not only can have best performance during the grinding process , but also it can have special character as follows. At the same time , this kind general purpose grinding wheel have a special color and it is also a patented product belong to our company. 

7inch general purpose grinding disc-1

Special charaterstic of 7inch general purpose grinding wheel  

1: Environmentally 

This 7inch general purpose grinding wheel belong to a patented product of our company . This new type of resin polishing grinding wheel is very different from ordinary resin grinding wheel. This product does not contain iron, sulfur, chlorine, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances. It will not has harmful gas under high temperature .

metal and stainless grinding wheel


During working , the noise of 7inch general purpose grinding wheel can be reduced by 1/3 compared to the normal grinding wheel. At the same time it will have less dust and small smell during working process. Rotation speed of this kind grinding wheel can reach up to 100M / S. 

It can have high effiency and best performance grinding on stainless steel and metal surfaces, so that it will not burn the workpiece during the polishing and grinding process. 

The efficiency is twice than ordinary abrasives. The high grinding efficiency on castings, copper and aluminum workpieces does not cause the metal to stick to the surface of the grinding wheel. The smoothness of the stone during the grinding process is very good.

Metal steel grinding disc

3: APPLICATION        

This kind grinding wheel is the general purpose grinding wheel. It can be used for construction steel, carbon steel, tool steel, non-alloy steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy, zinc, graphite cast iron, ductile iron, black cast iron, stone, ceramic tile, fiber reinforced plastic, Materials such as thermoplastics at the same time. It will save the disc changing time when direct user meet many kinds material to grinding and polishing . 

4: Unique character 

Because this kind general purpose grinding wheel is a patented product researched by our company , it only can be manufactured by our company in the world. So if customer use this kind products to sale , it will enable customers to monopolize the market by using the unique character . 

This product can replace most of the special grinding and polishing products on the market, just because the grit of grinding wheel can be changed from 24 grit  to 180 grit. 

Available grinding wheel types 

In order to meet customers; need , we supply and manufacture different types of this general purpose grinding wheel to different markets. The types as follows 

4 inch general purpose grinding wheel 100x6.3x16mm;

4.5 inch general purpose grinding wheel 115x6.3x22.23mm;

5 inch general purpose grinding wheel 125x6.3x22.23mm;

7 inch general purpose grinding wheel 180x6.3x22.23mm;

9 inch general purpose grinding wheel 230x6.3x22.23mm

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