European Standard 7inch Grinding Wheel

This 7inch grinding wheel is manufactured by us according with european standard quality level. It can have best sharpness and best durability character with good price. It can help customer to get more profit and more market during the sale process.

Product Details

As we know , best abrasive grinding wheel should have best sharpness and best durability character, but many more direct user can not distinguish which grinding wheel belong to the best grinding wheel. 

1: Which character does the best grinding wheel should have ?

A) . Sharpness character - it can affect the work efficiency during the direct using process ; 

B) . Durability character - it can affect the using cost for every buyer ; 

C) . During the grinding process, there is no edge cracking phenomenon happened;

When all the parameters of grinding wheel meet the standard, the grinding ratio is the main indicator to measure the performance of the grinding wheel.

2: What is the grinding ratio of abrasive grinding wheel ?

Grinding ratio refers to the comparison between the consumption of grinding wheel and the grinding amount of workpiece during the using process. 

180x6.0x22.2mm grinding wheel

Basic information of this European standard 7inch grinding wheel as follows

Type size : Depressed Center Grinding Wheel 180x6.3x22.23mm;

Type shape: Depressed Center Grinding Wheel 

Fiberglass nets : 4 strengthen fiberglass nets 

Speed(r.p.m.) : 8500

Grinding ratio : can reach 1: 8.5 at least 

Quality level : European standard quality level 

Certificate: ISO9001 , MPA ,  EN12413

Brand name : JUMA , also can supply OEM brand goods 

Place of origin : Henan province, China 

package : 50pcs/ carton box 

weight : 19kg/ carton box 

Advantages of this European standard 7inch grinding wheel

1)  More grinding efficient ;

2) More durable ;

3) best grinding feeling without vibration;

4) Compared with competitors, the price is lower;

5) best performance with best price can help customers get more profit and market. 

Appearance after product testing

7inch grinding wheel after grinding

Quality control 

In our company / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , we not only have the strict quality control system during the order process , but also keep the online testing and offline testing synchronized. 

grinding wheel line test

For the off-line products from the production line, we conduct daily grinding test in our testing room to ensure the quality stability. 

Cooperating customers

In the past days , some world famous brand agents bring their products to our company for comparative testing. 

After the comparative test, they choose us to do business and we supply OEM order goods for their sale. 

Learn more detail , you can contact us latter . 

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European standard quality level


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