consumable elastic grinding disc introduction

- Jul 15, 2018-

The consumable elastic grinding disc has a sheet carrier which is a consumable glass fiber mesh cloth, which not only imparts high elasticity to the elastic grinding disc, but also can synchronize with the consumption of the abrasive sheet during the grinding process, so that Effectively improve the utilization rate of the abrasive cloth of the elastic grinding disc. Compared with the ordinary size of the elastic grinding disc, its service life can be more than doubled, thus effectively reducing the metal processing cost of customers.

The fish scale-like, evenly distributed sand cloth sheet combination form can greatly improve the chip removal and heat dissipation capacity of the grinding disc during the grinding process, effectively avoiding burnt workpieces and improving the surface quality of metal processing. This novel combination also greatly increases the grinding efficiency of the grinding disc and improves customer productivity.

This product is a patented product of our company, which is especially suitable for customers in hardware, automobile manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industries with high cost performance, grinding efficiency and metal processing quality.

Flat abrasive cloth wheel: The sand cloth is divided into small pieces and small pieces, and the uniform sand cloth is distributed to ensure the best grinding effect. It is installed in the angle grinder and is characterized by strong elasticity and high tensile strength. Grinding effect. Suitable for stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, automobile, wood processing, welding in the military building industry, cleaning and rinsing, hair angle, anti-rust and casting cleaning, advantages of fast grinding speed, good effect, and noise during grinding Low, suitable for all major metal parts factories, and machinery factories.

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