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- Jul 06, 2018-

This flat Resin Bonded Fiberglass Cut-off Wheels are widely used for Metalworking、big Mild steels, tool steels, construction steels, spring steels, stainless steels, cast steels and stainless steel cutting. This cutting disc is welcomed in the market , just because of the High strength,easy and fast cutting , long life durability and Maximum safety.  

The Reinforced Cutting Wheel is mainly made of high quality white Aluminum Oxide which have the best sharp character to ensure the High metal removal rate, High stability and High efficiency. During the manufacturing process, we use the strengthen Resin Bonded Fiberglass nets and some other special abrasive material to ensure the long life durability and Maximum safety .

Cutting wheel with M-N medium hardness level can have excellent cutting performance and durability for most kinds of metals. Cut off wheels with thickness 1.0/1.2/1.6mm are suitable for fast and easy cutting, but with less durability. Abrasive cutting disc with 2.0/2.5mm thickness is used for cutting common material. Abrasive cutting saw wheel with 3.2/3mm thickness have long life and high profile stability. The character of Material A can help cutting wheel have better durability and the WA material can help abrasive cut-off wheel have best sharp performance. 

Abrasive   Material Introduction

Grit   Size Introduction

Hardness   Introduction

A--aluminum oxide

16-24     coarse density

D-L    soft

C--silicon carbide

30-60     medium density

M-N   medium

 Z-- Zirconium aluminum

70-220  fine density

P-S    hard

ZA—Zirconium aluminum/aluminum oxide

T-Y    very hard

 AC—aluminum oxide/silicon carbide

WA--white aluminum oxide

In JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , we can manufacture and supply many kinds of abrasive products, such as flat cutting wheel, depressed Center Cutting Wheel,  Depressed Center Grinding Wheel, Flexible Depressed Center Grinding Disc, Abrasive Flap Disc, Abrasive Flap Wheel, Abrasive Fiberglass Backings Plate For Flap Disc , and so on

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About the cutting wheel , the kinds types is mainly T41 Flat cutting wheel  and T42 Depressed Center Cutting Wheel. 

1: T41 Flat cutting wheel

Outer size : 4 inch – 16 inch  (100mm、115mm、125mm、150mm、180mm 、230mm、250mm 、300mm、355mm 、405mm)

Thickness : 1.0mm 、1.2mm、1.5mm 、1.6mm、1.8mm、2.0mm 、2.2mm 、2.5mm、3.0mm、3.2mm and other special thickness .

Hole size : 16mm、22.2mm、25.4mm、32mm

2: T42 Depressed Center Cutting Wheel

Outer size : 4 inch – 9 inch  (100mm、115mm、125mm、150mm、180mm 、230mm)

Thickness : 2.0mm、2.5mm、3.0mm、4.0mm and other special thickness .

Hole size : 16mm、22.2mm、25.4mm、32mm

About the thickness of cutting wheel types , customers can choose according their market need and direct users can choose cutting wheel types according with their workpiece .

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