Glitching when cutting thin-walled workpieces

- Jul 05, 2018-

When using a resin cutting wheel to cut a stainless steel thin-walled tube, the workpiece is required to be burr-free as much as possible to reduce the amount of work in the subsequent process, but there is often a serious burr phenomenon. For this problem, we / JUMA ABRASIVE CP.,LTD have conducted detailed research.

Cutting principle of the cutting wheels: During the cutting process, the temperature of the cutting zone is high due to the abrasive friction of the abrasive cutting wheel grains and the workpiece, which causes stress and deformation of the workpiece, and even burns the surface of the workpiece, and almost all the energy consumed in the cutting process. Change to cutting heat. Tests have shown that about 60-85% of the cutting heat enters the workpiece, 10-30% enters the cutting and grinding wheel, 0.5-30% enters the chip, and a small part is released in the form of conduction, convection and radiation. The average temperature of the cutting zone is about  600-1000 °C, and the maximum temperature of the instantaneous contact point can reach the melting point temperature of the workpiece material.

    Cause of burr: Due to the high toughness of stainless steel, the thermal strength is high, and the cutting edge of the abrasive cutting wheel grain has a large negative rake angle. The cutting chips are not easily to be moved away during cutting, the cutting resistance is large, the extrusion and friction are severe, and the cutting temperature is high. It can reach 1000°C~1500°C or even higher. At the same time, under the action of high temperature and high pressure, the chips are easy to adhere to the cutting / grinding wheel and fill the gap between the abrasive grains, so that the abrasive grains lose the cutting effect.

    In addition, stainless steel has a large coefficient of linear expansion and is highly susceptible to deformation under the action of cutting heat, especially thin-walled and elongated workpieces. After understanding the cutting principle, it is obvious that the cause of the burr is obvious, so the cutting method and the selection of the cutting wheels are very particular! In the cutting method, it is necessary to pay attention to adopting as few methods as possible to generate cutting heat, such as adding coolant and increasing cutting speed.

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