How to form a crack on a cutting wheel

- Jul 01, 2018-

During the cutting wheel using process , sometimes the cutting wheel cracks will appear. This matter not only affect its normal use, but also make some dangerous to direct user . JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD tell you the causes of cutting wheek crack formation as follows ,

Defective cutting wheel may not have the necessarily to cause cracks. It is important that the product does not undergo plastic deformation like metal under the action of external force. It is easy to concentrate the stress on a certain part, and this part of the defect-crack source is rapidly transformed into a crack. Once the internal crack is formed

After reaching a certain critical dimension, it is very easy to expand. The internal stress immediately concentrates on the tip of the crack and spreads to both sides of the tip. It cannot absorb the energy from the external force by changing its shape like metal. Can only be generated in the form of a new surface

To absorb this part of energy, the expansion of cracks means the formation of two new surfaces.

The above is the formation of the cutting wheel, learn more detail , you can contact us JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD to know more 

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