How to store the abrasive flap disc

- Jun 14, 2018-

Because the abrasive flap disc have an optimum service life and optimum use conditions, there are certain requirements for the storage of abrasive flap disc, so that the abrasive flap disc can have the best performance.

1. Stacked neatly in a flat manner, with a height of no more than 2 meters, can not be placed and pressed for a long time to prevent deformation.

2. Implement the principle of advanced first use to ensure the best use of the product.

3. The product must be packed and transported completely and kept from being squeezed. Please keep it ventilated and dry and must not be exposed to moisture.

With the rapid development of the abrasive industry, there are many kinds of abrasive tools. The abrasive flap disc is a grinding product for metal and non-metal surface treatment. It is widely used, so in order to get the best performance of abrasive flap disc during the using process, please follow the advice from us JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD .

We / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD is a direct manufacture who can manufacture high quality abrasive cutting wheel , grinding disc and abrasive flap disc .  Our products are exported many different countries because of the high quality and best price .

The advantage of JUMA ABRASIVE flap disc as follows ,

High grinding efficiency,

High stability of the grinding quality,

High strength and flexible,  

High durability with lower price.

Best heat dissipation to avoid burning workpiece

Longer storage time without any character lost . 

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