Installation considerations for grinding wheel(1)

- Nov 23, 2016-

First, the problem: grinders prevent installation on nearby equipment and where the operator or people in the past, most workplace should install the wheel room. If plant of grinding wheel topography limit cannot be set private room should be installed at Sanders positive protective bezel height not less than 1.8M, and requires strong and effective.

Second, balance issues: grinding wheel imbalance is mainly composed of wheel manufacture and installation are not accurate, wheel centre of gravity and the axis of rotation caused by misalignment. Imbalances caused mainly manifests itself in two ways, on the one hand on the wheel rotating at high speed, vibration, easily have a polygonal surface mark, on the unbalanced accelerates the wear of shaft vibration and bearing, which will cause the collapse of the wheel, or even to cause an accident. Therefore, requiring great is greater than or equal to 200mm sand building loading Chuck for static balance should be, wheel shaped dressing or found to be in the works after balancing, static balancing should be repeated.

Third match: refers to the installation of supporting Chuck and grinding wheel problem. According to the standard requirements, Chuck grinding wheel diameter shall not be installed less than diameter of the sand building 1/3, and corresponding provisions in wear of grinding wheel diameter than Chuck-big 10MM should be replaced with new wheels. There is a matching of Chuck and grinding wheel. Therefore, Chuck and reasonable matching of the grinding wheel, on the one hand can save equipment, cutting about materials and meet the requirements for safe operation. In addition, the wheel should also be installed with Chuck diameter is greater than the diameter of the Chuck 2mm, 1mm~2mm thick cushions.