Installation considerations for grinding wheel(2)

- Nov 23, 2016-

Finally, protection: protective cover is a grinder's main protection device, which is: when wheels at work for some reason that, effectively covering the wheel pieces, ensure the safety of personnel. Wheel cover two types of round and square shapes, not exceeding the maximum opening angle 90 °; shield material for steel tensile strength not less than 415N/mm2. When replacing the new wheels, hood installation to be solid and reliable and protective cover should not be removed or discarded.

Finally, carrier questions: Bay is one of the grinder attachment, the required wheel diameter adjustable grinder must be set in the 150mm Bay. Wheel and bracket minimum should be less than the distance between work piece shape-inch 1/2, but the maximum should not exceed 3mm.

VI, grounding issues: grinding machine using power lines, so the casing must have good earthing protection device of the equipment. This is easily one of the most important factors contributing to accidents.

To sum up, grinding wheel installation positioning, balance problems, matching, protection issues, carrier problems and grounding them to attention.