Operational requirements for grinding equipment

- Nov 23, 2016-

First, the operator must wear safety glasses and splash-proof masks.

The second, from abrasives to maintain a suitable distance from the body.

Third, the power, when grinding wheel runs smoothly to start grinding.

Finally, workpieces with grinding wheel is strictly prohibited violent collisions. Should be gradually grinding pressure grinding wheel without impact, avoid wheel burst.

Finally, grind one end from the hand should be kept to 20 mm or more.

VI, each grinding grinding should be appropriate in order to prevent accidents in the workpieces with grinding wheel operation.

Seven long hours grinding wheel machine cold water should be available to prevent the grinding heat when burned.

Eight broken good steel cannot be polished on wheels to prevent rupture of the workpiece.

Ninth, perpendicular to the plane on a grinding wheel diameter of workpiece must not be polished, that is not on the side of the grinding wheel grinding workpieces.

Tenth, grinding workpiece length should be less than 500 mm, 500 mm above the workpiece need grinding when using other grinding tools such as angle grinders.