Safety instructions for using cutting discs

- Jun 23, 2018-

Discoloration of cutting disc surface

   a. Long cutting time; low motor power;

   b. The hardness of cutting disc is too hard and the cross-sectional area of the object to be cut is greater than the diameter of the cutting disc .

Large wear

   a. If the section is white, the cutting disc is too soft;

   b. If the cut surface is discolored, the degree of consolidation is too hard;

   c. The machine speed is too fast. The peripheral speed is too fast.

   Cutting disc is not straight or broken

   a. Improper clamping of work piece, excessive cutting pressure; too thin slice;

   b. The diameter of the mounting flange is improper, the mounting flange does not work properly, and the machine is not operating properly.

   Cutting disc rim tear

   a. The machine is not operating properly and the workpiece is clamped by the spring;

   b. The cutting disc is used as a grinding disc.

   Cutting disc inner diameter damaged

   a. Improper assembly, cutting discs used as grinding discs, partial loss of flanges

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