the application of abrasive flap disc

- Jun 14, 2018-

Abrasive flap disc is also called 100 impellers sometimes

(1) Abrasive flap disc is a simplified product of thousands of impellers,

(2) It is mainly used for grinding and polishing in industrial production. It is also a product of industrial consumables. The base of the abrasive flap disc is mesh cloth, nylon, plastic, steel paper, etc. The number of sheets is not equal, and it is fan-shaped and evenly distributed. Particle size 36#-400#, most commonly used for 60# and 80#, outer diameter 4"-7" installed in the angle grinder, used for grinding and grinding of the weld seam.

  The advantage of using abrasive flap disc to do grinding work is good elasticity, high efficiency, good heat dissipation, and low noise. It can replace resin-type grinding wheels. It has strong elasticity, high tensile and bending strength, good self-sharpening, and grinding rate. High and low noise, suitable for grinding inside the box weld seam and stamping parts.

(3) Mainly used for grinding and polishing of various stainless steel and carbon steel structural parts.

Abrasive flap disc with hundred and thousand leaf  have similar functions. The difference is:

(1) The number of blades varies and the range of use varies. Among them are brown steel jade, silicon carbide and other materials.

(2) Different materials also have different functions. Brown corundum is suitable for general metal, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metal and other welds grinding, grinding metal stampings burr. Metal surface paint, rust and so on. Steel paper stencil sheet steel paper substrate, resin gauze cloth for cutting, resin adhesive made of a disc coated abrasive. Applicable to the surface grinding of stainless steel and non-metals such as plastics, wood, metal surface derusting, paint removal, etc.

(3) The main features of the abrasive flap disc are: low noise, long-lasting surface finishing effect during the service life, cold milling, and excellent surface finish.

JUMA Abrasive Flap Disc is installed in the electric or pneumatic tools and automated polishing production line for all kinds of metal, stainless steel, wood, plastic, rubber, plane, inner and outer surface, irregular surface and large area of long workpiece rust, hair removal assassination, grinding and precision surface finishing, Manufacturing, maintenance and repair industry.


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