the cause lead to the cutting wheel soft

- Mar 17, 2020-

Everyone knows that the abrasive cutting wheel is made of glass fiber and resin as a reinforcing bonding material, which has the characteristics of high tensile, impact and bending strength. However, in daily use, softening sometimes occurs on cutting wheel. The cause lead to the cutting wheel soft main have the item as follows : 


1: the furnace or the kiln is too urgent or the temperature difference is too large. Since the abrasive cutting wheel should have a certain cooling period at the end of the hardening and heat preservation to meet the uniform stress release; at this time, if the temperature of the oven is too high or the temperature difference changes too much, the cooling change of the abrasive grinding wheel will not be synchronized, so the deformation of the grinding wheel will occur Already. In fact, it is also a form of deformation.

2:   the problem of the hardening and humid atmosphere. All hardening furnaces, whether box-type or tunnel kiln, must be designed with air intake and exhaust in mind. During the hardening process, a large amount of exhaust gas (mainly only ammonia gas and water vapor) is released. If these exhaust gases cannot be discharged in time, they will be re-adsorbed by the pores during the cooling process, which will cause the cutting wheel to odor or soften.

3. The time for hardening curve is short. This mainly means that under certain conditions, the low-temperature drying time of the hardening curve is short, and the heating rate is too fast during the heating stage.

4. Low hardening stability. It means that due to the dual effects of the environment and raw materials, the hardening temperature should be adjusted in time when the seasons change or the temperature and humidity change significantly, otherwise soft cutting wheel will appear.