The causes of abrasive grinding disc wear

- Mar 26, 2020-

The normal wear of abrasive grinding disc is mainly caused by mechanical wear and thermal and chemical wear. The former is abrasion caused by the scoring of hard points in the workpiece material, while the latter is abrasion caused by adhesion, corrosion, etc.

      1. Adhesive wear

      Bonding is the bonding phenomenon that occurs when the tool and the workpiece material are connected to each other, which is also called cold welding. In the cutting process, due to the conditions of high temperature, high pressure and fresh surface on the friction surface of the tool and the workpiece material, it is very easy to stick. When the relative motion is continued, the bonding point is broken by large shear or tensile stress, which generally occurs on the side of the workpiece material with lower hardness.

      2.Abrasive wear

      Abrasive mechanical wear caused by the scoring of the tool surface due to impurities in the workpiece material, carbides, nitrides, etc. in the material carcass weaving. At various cutting speeds, the tool has abrasive wear. In low-speed cutting, other forms of wear are not significant, and abrasive wear becomes the main cause of tool wear. It is generally believed that abrasive wear is directly proportional to cutting.

      The hardness of angle grinding discs will be more and more new metal products in the future, so the hardness requirements of angle grinding disc products will be more and more. Product hardness determines everything. At present, the superhard abrasives bring High-precision and high-efficiency grinding effects have been widely recognized.