The classification of Coated Abrasives

- May 03, 2020-

Abrasives are known as "industrial teeth", and the coated abrasives are known as "industrial beauticians". In most domestic books and textbooks, the definition of coated abrasives is the flexible grinding and polishing tools which are made from the abrasive cloth 、resin bond and backing pad.

Coated Abrasives_1

 According to the cloth materials, shapes and using area of coated abrasives, there are three main types of coated abrasives: Coated Abrasives、Non-woven Abrasives and Buffing & Polishing. 

Today we mainly explain the classification of coated abrasive products.

According to the three elements of coated abrasives: binders, abrasives and backing pad.The coated abrasives products are mainly classified as follows:

1. Sanding Rolls 

1.1: Jumbo Rolls ; 

1.2:  Shop Rolls.

2. Sanding Sheets .

3. Sanding Belts.

4. Sanding Discs

4.1: Fiber Disc ; 

4.2: Cloth / paper Disc; 

4.3: Sanding Disc Rolls;

4.4: othes

5. Flap Disc

6. Flap Wheels 

7. Specialties 

7.1: Spiral Bands;

7.2: Cartridge Rolls;

7.3: Square / cross Pads 

7.4: Others . 

The classification of Coated Abrasives

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