The development trend of diamond grinding wheel

- Nov 23, 2016-

1, the world produces about 1.5 billion carats of diamonds for industrial use (including part of the natural diamond, cubic Boron Nitride).

22, China's synthetic diamond production has reached 1 billion carats, 60% per cent of total world production, is the first synthetic diamond production powerhouse. Stone processing consumes only about 300 million carats diamond, can be said to Diamond products production in China are big. But neither diamond nor its products, quality is affordable, quality levels vary greatly with the developed countries. According to the standard DMD-class premium diamond products in China domestic supply of basic products.

3, synthetic diamond products ratio than in recent years is shown in table 2 (not including introduction of two top technology suppliers). Should be noted that Research Institute of synthetic crystals with cubic diamond compressor production was superior to the ordinary diamond cubic press production, ought to be a high-end product, which only domestic production of 0.7% (in 1999 27 calculation of statistical data, according to total 1 billion carats total, only 0.4%).