Tips for external cylindrical grinding of diamond grinding wheel

- Nov 23, 2016-

1, the longitudinal grinding of diamond grinding wheel. The efficiency of this downturn, but its quality is very good, compared to similar products and low roughness. When grinding, diamond grinding wheel rotation is very high, technology is never seen in a rotary motion. Is a composite portrait of table operations, each operation or in the process of grinding wheel will have a supply, excess cut off will be touched off.

2, grinding techniques. Also known as the infeed grinding. The efficiency is very high and the first relatively, the same it also has shortcomings, it is a lot of grinding force and the temperature is relatively high, so the ground when there is plenty of cooling liquid. Diamond wheel rotation is an active force, rotation and motion of the wheel causes the process of continuous supplies. Workbench will not have vertical operation of the movement of the wheel, diamond grinding wheel with large width and the width of the grinding, has been grinding dimensions to use so far.

3, the composite grinding techniques. This is a synthesis of the two. Grinding and grinding method of the effective rate is higher, quality; better in other advantages also have certain advantages. When grinding, subparagraph we use artifacts in the form of coarse grinding, the rest of the disc.

4, the last one is a deep grinding method. Its productivity is very high, but grinding wheel repair technique is more complex, the overall structure of the workpiece requirements are relatively high, there must be sufficient length of cut and cut out. At the time of grinding. Grinding wheel will have a whole step. Speed of workpiece and tool are very slow. Using longitudinal grinding of the grinding rest.