two curing methods for ultra-thin cutting disc

- Mar 26, 2020-

Cutting Disc is made of abrasives and resin bond. The abrasive cutting disc is used for cutting common steel, stainless steel and non-metallic materials. The Ultra-thin cutting discs are classified according to the thickness of the cutting wheel. There are two general curing resin methods for ultra-thin cutting blades: thermal curing resin and light curing resin.

4 inch cut off wheel

1.Thermosetting resin method

      Generally, a thermosetting phenolic resin is used as a binder, and diamond abrasive particles are mixed with the resin, then sintered by a hot pressing method, and then subjected to a grinding process after heat curing. This process requires several hours, so the production cost is relatively high.

2.Light-curing resin

      It is composed of photocrosslinkable polymer, initiator and additives. The essential difference between it and the thermosetting resin is that the curing process is based on the chemical reaction caused by absorbing light radiation at the corresponding wavelength, so that the photocurable resin changes from a liquid to a solid. Its transition from liquid to solid is the result of increased molecular weight, not caused by solvent volatilization, so it has the advantages of fast curing, no pollution, and energy saving, but the limiting factor is its higher raw material price.

      In the manufacture of ultra-thin cutting wafers using the light-curing resin method, China has successfully developed ultra-thin diamond cutting wheels with a thickness of 0.15 mm by using the light-curing resin as a binder, and successfully completed cutting tests on single crystal silicon wafers.

      At present, with the advancement of technology, light curing gradually begins to replace thermal curing. From the above, it can be seen that the light curing resin method has many advantages over the thermal curing resin method, which is why it is gradually replacing the thermal curing resin method.

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