What are the purposes of cutting wheel

- Mar 31, 2018-

 According to the different materials, cutting wheel is mainly divided into fiberglass resin cutting wheel and diamond cutting disc.  

1: Abrasive fiberglass resin cutting wheel is mainly made from fiberglass nets  and resin material, with high tensile strength, impact and flexural strength, are widely used in ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and nonmetal material.   As machinery industry fast developping , more and more mechanical products processing, each product processing first generally need to pass by cutting forming, and then in the subsequent grinding polishing. 

 Direct user always use two diffrent way to use cutting wheel , one is dry cutting and the other is wet cutting, to ensure the more stable cutting accuracy, at the same time, the right material and hardness of cutting wheel choice can greatly improve the efficiency of your cutting, save  the cost of your production

2: Diamond cutting disc is a kind of cutting tool, widely used in stone, concrete, and precast slab, new and old road, ceramic, and other brittle materials processing.

  Diamond cutting disc is mainly composed of two parts : Matrix and cutter. The matrix is the main support of the cutting tools Part, and  cutting head can constantly consume during the using process , but the substrate will not be consumed.

Cutting head can be used as the cut role , just because of the cutting tools containing diamond which is the most hard material at present.  

Generally , the Diamond cutting disc have the higher cost than the Abrasive fiberglass resin cutting wheel , but due to the diffrent using area , customers have to use diamond cutting disc to improve work efficiency .