What factors affect the resin grinding wheels

- Apr 04, 2020-

The characteristics of the resin grinding wheel are determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, hardness, bonding agent, shape and size. Under the combined effect of these factors, the quality of the resin grinding wheel has different performances.

abrasive cutting wheel raw material

1. Abrasive: Abrasive is responsible for cutting work, so it must be sharp, and have high hardness, good heat resistance and certain toughness.

2. Bonding agent: The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel mainly depend on the performance of the bonding agent.

3. Particle size: The particle size is divided into abrasive particles and fine powder. Its choice is mainly related to the roughness of the processed surface and productivity. In general, the finer the abrasive particles, the better the roughness of the grinding surface.

4. Hardness: refers to the difficulty of the abrasive particles on the surface of the resin grinding wheel falling off under the action of the grinding force, which is mainly determined by the performance and quantity of the bonding agent and the manufacturing process of the grinding wheel.

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