what is flap disc and price cost of flap disc

- Jun 02, 2018-

Strong elastic abrasive flap disc, also known as impeller with hundred flaps, plane embossing wheel, abrasive polishing pads etc., made of high-grade abrasive cloth as a base material and processed by a special process wheel-shaped coated abrasive, mounted on electric or pneumatic tools and automated polishing production line, for each Metal, stainless steel, wood, plastic, rubber flat, internal and external round surface, irregular surface and large area of long workpieces rust, hair removal, grinding and precision surface finishing, is processing and manufacturing Industry, maintenance and repair industry, the best flexible tool for grinding and polishing workpieces, with high grinding efficiency, stable grinding quality, no damage to the workpiece, easy operation and low cost of grinding, 

specifications of abrasive flap disc 100*16mm is widely used in stainless steel, metal, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automotive, wood processing, construction, plastics and other industries Welds, edge seams, horns, rust-proofing and castings are cleaned and ground.

As a direct factory JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , we use the new advanced technology to produce our abrasive flap disc. JUMA ABRASIVE flap disc have the special character, such as the unique structure, quick grinding, high power, durable, high abrasive utilization, can reduce costs, good elasticity and flexibility, suitable for grinding of various profile products, especially Surfaces, elbows, grooves and other grinding effects. Abrasive grain size 60#~320#, high quality and low price.

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Special  features of JUMA ABRASIVE flap disc : 

I. According with the special hardness of the oxide layer on the outer surface of the hot rolled tube,  we designed and manufactured the special abrasive flap disc by using the special resin abrasive cloth, which increases the durability by 20% to 30%. II.  The abrasive  is moderately adjusted. Ingredients to make it sharp, with good cut-in, the most suitable for surface polishing. 

III. The emery cloth blade has high strength and flexibility and is not easy to break. 

IV. The abrasive flap disc adopts high-performance adhesive and bonding process to ensure it is solid and can withstand large impact forces. 

V. the balance of the flap disc  is high, there is no strong vibration in high-speed operation.

The abrasive flap disc is also called the elastic grinding disc. It is made of plastic backing plate or fiberglass backing plate and emery cloth sheets. The abrasive flap disc is suitable for angle grinders.

As we know , the number of flaps on abrasive flap disc ,  the quality of backing plate and the quality grade of gauze determines the quality level of the disc.

In JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD,  the number of flaps on abrasive flap disc generally have 36 pages, 56 pages, 72 pages, 80 pages, 90 pages, 120 pages or other special types. Diffrent pages have diffrent production cost.

The granularity is generally between 40#-320#; 

The backing plate used on our JUMA ABRASIVE flap disc have three kinds to be choosed , such as fiberglass backing plate, plastic backing plate and the steel bacing plate. 

The main abrasive grade is brown corundum, zirconium corundum, silicon carbide, etc.

Because of the reason above , the cost of one type abrasive flap disc can be diffrent . We can manufacture diffrent quality level abrasive flap disc with diffrent price to help customers to get more customers .

In all , your requirment can be meet in our company .

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