what is the flap disc

- Mar 15, 2020-

The flap disc is also called elastic grinding disc. It is a new type, highly elastic coated abrasive special-shaped product. It has the characteristics of good elasticity and grinding without burning the workpiece. It is mostly used for angular grinders or electric machines. Widely used in automobile, aircraft, ship, bridge, stainless steel welding seam grinding and large-area degreasing, rust removal and mold repair and polishing.

FD12522 Zirconia sanding Disc

In order to make the grinding fluid fully function in the grinding process, the supply method of the grinding fluid cannot be ignored.


     The pouring method is used to supply the grinding fluid. The grinding fluid often does not easily enter the grinding zone during grinding. The main reasons are as follows:


     1) When the grinding wheel rotates, a slewing airflow is also generated around it. The higher the grinding wheel speed, the greater the influence of the airflow.


     2) The air at the end face of the grinding wheel is air, which flows from the center to the circumference of the grinding wheel due to the centrifugal force. The larger the grinding wheel's porosity and the higher the speed, the greater the impact.


     3) The influence of the wheel cover, the dynamic pressure of the airflow increases by about 50% compared with the cover