1.1Development Course

- Dec 07, 2016-

►1. In 1996, “ JUMA” was registered officially from National industrial and commercial bureau

►2.In January 1997, established formally “JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD “

►3.During 1998-2001, Company updated and acquired equipment on a large-scale, and R&D new processes, new products 

►4.In 2002, Company registered “JUMA” and “LG.W” brand in major countries and regions worldwide.  The resin abrasive products of “JUMA” and “LG.W” brand were sold to Southeast Asia ,Middle east, Africa, North and South America, over 30 countries and areas. 

►5.In 2005, company’s sales volume broke through 100 million.

►6. In 2007, “JUMA” and “LG.W” brand awarded “ Henan province famous trademark” , Being the key company supported by government.

►7.In 2012, company’s sales volume broke through 500 million. 

►8.In 2013, In order to satisfy the need of our abrasive products , the new plant project with 100000 square meters started to build . 

►9. In 2014, The new factory put into using and start to manufacture high quality abrasive products by the new CNC automatic production line. 

►10. In 2015 , the production capacity of our new factory and old factory broke through 1000 million.

We can supply many kinds of abrasive products, such as cutting wheel, grinding disc, flap disc, flap wheel, abrasive fiberglass backings plate for flap disc , and so on.