14" Stainless Steel Cutting Wheel 355x3x25.4mm to India customer agent

- Jun 30, 2017-

Basic Info.

 Model NO.:  JUMA - T41 abrasive Steel Cutting Wheel 14" ( 355x3x25.4mm)        

Abrasive:      High quality abrasive material 

Shape:          Flat T41 cut-off wheel  

HS Code:    6804221000     

Trademark:  JUMA 

Market :      India 

Order Quantity : 20000pcs one net cutting wheel and 20000pcs two nets cutting disc 355x3x25.4mm 

Performance of the order products 14" cutting wheel :

1, Testing on stainless steel bar size 40mm by 10 cuts , the results as follows :

   A): After 10 cuts off , the rest size of 14" cutting wheel is 345.5mm ( one net) and 346.1mm ( two nets )

   B)  The spending time of each cutting off :  38 seconds / one cut off ( one net) ;   

                                                                   40 seconds/ one  cut off ( Two nets ) 

2, Main Advantage of  order products  Steel Cutting Wheel 14" ( 355x3x25.4mm)  :

High metal removal rate , High stability,  High efficiency, 

Less material loss, noise and dust

Maximum safety and longer  life durability 


 Abrasive cutting wheel 14" ( 355x3.0x25.4) with two nets  for metal steel and stainless steel 

355 cutting wheel -3_副本.jpg

Abrasive cutting wheel 14" ( 355x3.0x25.4) with one net  for metal steel and stainless steel 

Package :  5pcs / plastic wraps ; 25 pcs / carton box ;     About the other package introduction in JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , please link : http://www.juma-abrasives.com/news/package-of-cutting-wheel-and-grinding-wheel-in-5194220.html   to know more . 

355cutting wheel-2_副本.jpg

Delivery time : within 20days after received the advanced payment 

Payment term :  TT , LC or others 

OEM products can also be supplied to customers .  

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Quality Assurance and Production Ability

the view detail link : http://www.juma-abrasives.com/news/cutting-wheel-and-depressed-center-grinding-di-4908163.html 

JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD has already owned 150 sets of advanced manufacturing production line,50 sets in our old factory and the 100 new full automatic production line in our new factory.

JUMA ABRASIVE CO., LTD have the strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, equipped with advanced production facilities, has a leading level in product designing and development, and has a perfect and strict testing system for material collecting, procedure control, end-product testing and detailed records of production which have made the Company to be able to optimize its production mode successively so as to meet with higher requirements from the clients.

We can supply many kinds of abrasive products, such as cutting wheel, grinding disc, flap disc, flap wheel, abrasive fiberglass backings plate for flap disc  and so on.

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