7inch Grinding Wheel Test

- Apr 12, 2020-

As we know , best abrasive grinding wheel should have best sharpness and best durability character , but many more direct user can not distinguish which grinding wheel belong to the best grinding wheel . 

1: Which character does the best grinding wheel should have ?

A) . Sharpnes character - it can affect the work efficiency during the direct using process ; 

B) . Durability character - it can affect the using cost for every buyer ; 

C) . During the grinding process, there is no edge cracking phenomenon happend; About this matter, many direct user met in the past days .  

The main reasons for this phenomenon come from the selection of  product hardness, abrasive raw material using and whether or not the grinding wheel have a good balance.  

Of course, there are also caused by improper operation during using process , if the grinding wheel belong to the best quality goods. 

2: How to distinguish the grinding wheel quality ?

When all the parameters of grinding wheel meet the standard, the grinding ratio is the main indicator to measure the performance of the grinding wheel. 

In our company / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , we not only have the strick quality control systerm during the order process , but also keep the online testing and offline testing synchronized. 

For the off-line products from the production line, we conduct daily grinding test in our testing room . 

180x6.0x22.2mm grinding wheel

Now we show explanation through the 7inch grinding wheel test . 

Abrasive type : T27 Grinding wheel 180x6.3x22.23mm 

Shape : Depressed center grinding disc 

Fiberglas nets : 4 strengthen fiberglass nest 

Rotation Speed : 80m/s 

Grinding ratio :  1 : 8.0 

Performance : Sharpness and durability are synchronized, no edge cracking. 

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