Analysis Of Common Grinding Wheel Damage

- Dec 11, 2018-

Cutting wheel and grinding wheel is popular in different industrial area. During the using process , customer always meet some grinding wheel damage and can not understand why the damag on the grinding wheel .  

The damage of cutting wheel and grinding wheel have many kinds item , but the main two reason have two item :

1: Improper worker operation during the using process ;

2: The quality of cutting wheel and grinding wheel is not so good ;

In order to make every customer become the special technical engineer during the grinding wheel using process, we show the detail analysis of common grinding wheel damage for your checking .

When you meet the grinding wheel damage during the using process , you should check the reason follow the step 

1: checking whether or not have improper worker operation during the using process 

2: Checking whether or not you choose the right grinding wheel to do the material grinding work 

3: Checking the quality of grinding wheel by doing the compare testing with another piece grinding wheel.

As we know, different manufacture always supply the different quality grinding wheel according with the demand from customer , so this artical will show the grinding wheel damage due to operational errors during the using process . 

Damage 1 :  Fracture happened in the middle of grinding wheel center

Fracture happened in the middle of grinding wheel center

The reason of damage

The grinding angle is too flat during the using process or polished and grinding work piece by using the central recess of grinding disc .

Error operation analysis

Since the grinding angle is too flat during operation or is sanded by the central recess, the last layer of the protective net is cut by the burr. Once the protective net is broken and the lateral force is applied, the central recess is detached.

Damage 2 : Depressed Center Grinding wheel encounters edge wear and excessive vibration

grinding wheel damage

The reason of damage: Angle grinder clamping system (flange) wear, bad or angular grinder has large defect vibration.

Error operation analysis

During the working process, the Depressed Center Grinding wheel is unevenly worn due to the vibration of the angle grinder during operation. 90% of this phenomenon is due to defects in the clamping system or the machine is not in good condition and the vibration is too large. Due to the defects of the clamping system, the Depressed Center Grinding wheel has no stable circumferential rotation and vibration, so the sanding piece is irregularly worn and starts to beat to cause cracking.

Damage 3: Excessive wear on the edges and the delamination of the fiberglass nets appeared on grinding wheel

grinding disc damage

The reason of damage : the angle of the grinding wheel is too flat during the grinding process.

Error operation analysis:

After several times of use of the Depressed Center Grinding wheel, excessive wear and large pieces flew out, causing damage to the angle grinder machine. The reason is that the angle of the grinding wheel is too flat during the grinding process. Generally speaking, the Depressed Center grinding wheel should be used with a strong angle of at least 10 degrees. If the angle is less than 10 degrees, the last layer of protection net will be damaged. In order to ensure the lateral force of the grinding wheel, we always produced the Depressed Center Grinding wheel by using 2 layers of strengthen protective fiber glass net at least in our LUOYANG JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD. 

Damage 4: Excessive wear in the middle of the flat cutting wheel

Excessive wear in the middle of cutting wheel

The reason of damage

Flange size of angle grinder machine is error.

Error operation analysis:

The operator selects the maximum limit of the machine for cutting steel, whereby a strong lateral force is obtained on the clamping flange of the cutting blade. At the same time, the flange is also worn. The angle of the angle grinder flange used by the customer is 35mm, but the standard outer diameter of the new flange is 44mm and the flange is worn. For these applications, we recommend a special flange with an outer diameter of 76mm.

Damage 5: When cutting super hard materials, the edge of the cutting wheel is excessively worn and not sharpened.

cutting wheel damage analysis

The reason of damage

Cutting wheel selection error

Error operation analysis

There are black burn appeared around the cut wheel.

The above applications are the cutting wheel for cutting high carbon steel, alloy steel and very hard materials. Because customer choose the metal cutting wheel to cut these hard material, there are black burn appeared around the cut wheel edge. According with these applications, customers should choose the high performance INOX cutting wheel to do cutting these kind hard material.

grinding disc operation

The grinding wheel is one component in the system consisting of grinding wheel, angle grinding machine tool, work material and operational factors. Each factor can affect all the others. If the direct user want to optimize the best grinding performance during the using process, direct yser should choose the grinding wheel best suited to all of these other components during the using process , aslo should keep the right operation according with the grinding wheel safty operation atandard .

As a high quality abrasive cutting wheel , grinding wheel manufacture , we / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD can supply any technical support during your using process .

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