Analysis Of The Abrasive Cutting Disc Rupture

- Apr 04, 2020-

If the abrasive cutting disc is broken during the using process, it not only makes the product unusable, but also brings certain risks to the user. To reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon, manufacturers and users need to pay attention to the following factors to supply or purchase. 

1: The abrasive cutting disc belong to the low-quality product which does not reach the rotation speed of the cutting disc according with the safty standard.

During the business process , some importer want to use the very lower price to get market and some small factory only want order to ensure their production, so some supplier will supply the low-quality products to meet the buyer' need , that is why the low-quality products enter into market to bring some risk to direct user . 

In abrasive area , best quality cutting disc must be made from best quality abrasive raw material, high strengthen fiberglass net and best resin bond , so the cost price of best quality goods have the steady cost for every manufacture. 

In order to ensure the safty of the cutting disc , we advise the direct user to get the better quality goods with reasonable price in the market. 


2: During the assemble process , the direct user should check the hole size of cutting disc whether or not match with the power machine spindle size .

 If it is not matched, it will cause the assembled pressure too large or too loose, thus burying hidden dangers for the product to break during using process.

3. When the tissue of the cutting disc is uneven, with the torque, thermal stress, tremor and other factors in the cutting process, the stress will accumulate in the weak place of the tissue, causing rupture.

abrasive material

4. When the hardness of the cutting Disc is too high, the radial torque force received by the cutting blade will increase. Since the thickness of the cutting blade is usually less than 4mm, it will cause the cutting Disc to break.

5. When the resin of  cutting disc lacks toughness, because the grinding wheel blade is always under negative pressure during the cutting process, lateral stress is unavoidable. When the cutting blade cannot resist the lateral force, the grinding wheel blade will break.

6: Don't use the thin cutting disc ( under the thickness 3.0mm) to do grinding work during the using process . 

Axial friction will easily cause the cutting disc to lose balance during high-speed rotation, resulting in twisting and damage 

In all , selecting the right best quality abrasive cutting disc , using the correct installation method and proper use according to cutting disc usage guide will help you to avoid the abrasive cutting disc rupture risk during the using process. 

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