China Flexible Grinding Disc 103x3.0x16mm for metal and stainless steel factory

- Mar 22, 2017-

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This 4 Inch Flexible Grinding wheelwith two special strengthen fiberglass protection nets belong to the hot sale Depressed Center Grinding Wheels, just because of the main advantages as follows, 

1)     The special elastic characteristics of Flexible Grinding wheel can help it get the large area contact on the surface of the workpiece, so that to provide faster cutting rate and more sophisticated surface roughness.

2)     The unique thickness structure of Flexible Grinding Disc make the job of vibration sense and operation fatigue reduce greatly.

3)     The Flexible Depressed Center Grinding Wheel can be used for general grinding , especially suitable for surface precision machining, descaling, polishing and arc curved surface machining.

The Flexible Grinding wheel is particularly recommended used in automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, construction, metal manufacturing and common metal processing industry. 

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 We solemnly promise that, if any question of quality occurs to our products, we will shoulder the responsibility. At the same time , we will supply the free samples for every customer if they need . Every customer will get 100% satisfaction during our cooperation.

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