Cut Off Wheel Can Also Be Used?

- Nov 23, 2016-

Recently, a worker to resin-bonded, thin, small wheels, high speed steel bar processing, removal tool most grinding allowances on a shorter time, unique in its method, as described below:

Machining a core rod, as shown in Figure 2, order at slightly less than a thin grinding wheel diameter 0.1~0.3 mm, thin wheel installed on it, sides with rubber gaskets, nut tightening, core back-end support, so that the lathe spindle rotates, driven grinding wheel high speed, form a cutting motion of the main motion.

Will be processed, the high-speed steel bars mounted in the lathe tool holder, move, drag Board, flush with the wheel Arbor location, determine location, high-speed rotating spindle, then drag handle in hand, driving high-speed steel ongoing contact with the grinding wheel, as shown in Figure 3, this process continue to add coolant.

Cutting through the grinding wheel, remove the shadows in the picture in the short part is the tool most grinding allowance, and then remove the cutting tool blanks, hand-grinding and cutter thread cutter formed for a short time. Verified, this method in the case of tool number is better