Diamond Grinding Wheels Have What Meaning?

- Nov 23, 2016-

General metal bonded products using steel, alloyed steel powder as the matrix resin bonded aluminum alloy, wood substrate. Made of aluminum, steel, or wood processing, and supporting work and fitting abrasive role. Shaping grinding quality is good or bad and use a level of precision and the matrix have a great relationship. More important is diamond grinding wheels are not only of high efficiency and high precision and roughness, less abrasive consumption, long service life, but can also improve working conditions. Widely used bonded abrasive products of low iron content is difficult to machine metals and non-metals of hard and brittle materials, such as tungsten carbide, high aluminum porcelain, glass, agate stone, semiconductor materials, stone, etc. for diamond grinding wheel has a lot of significance, can also be understood from the perspective of other more.