Fiberglass Backing Plate With Light Weight, High Strength, Anti-corrosion, Weathering Resistance

- Oct 18, 2017-

Fiberglass Backing Plate made from FRP material. FRP is not to refer to tempered glass, FRP is a composite material, glass steel plate price, usually with glass fiber or its products as reinforcement material reinforced plastic, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic. Light and hard, non-conductive, stable performance, high mechanical strength, less recycling, Haikou glass plate, corrosion resistance. Can substitute for steel manufacturing machine parts and automobiles, ship casings and so on. Therefore, Fiberglass Backing Plates also have the advantages of lightweight, high strength, anti-corrosion, weathering and impact resistance. Usually used in logistics vehicles, dry goods vehicles, insurance vehicles, refrigerated car compartments of the production, or to decorate the interior, building walls and so on. Also can be used as the skin of FRP composite board.

Driving on different roads of the car speed, quality to hard, but also good-looking. Therefore, in the production of various parts of the car accessories, glass plate wholesale, technical requirements are quite high. Compared with general cars, RV is more demanding in structure and quality, especially against strength. So how can the FRP slab used to make the trailer of the RV test the intensity of the fight?

Stronger fighting strength-collision test

FRP can be applied in various fields and has a strong enough strength to fight the direct relationship. Collision testing is a very convincing test because it simulates the load of the Fiberglass Backing Plate-for example, the damage caused by simulating the side wall of a refrigerated vehicle or by hitting the roof of a refrigerated vehicle by a hail.

Objective: The collision test can provide data on the durability of FRP slab and its daily use. In particular, it avoids rupture and depression in the presence of strong force.

Methods: The collision characteristics were detected by dropping ball test. A semicircular steel ball with a diameter of 20 mm is falling from the front to the surface of the Fiberglass Backing Plate. According to the required test load, the drop height can be up to one meter, the steel ball weight can reach two kg.

The application of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics in many industrial fields is the trend of future development. For example, in the "green" energy-saving field, when it comes to reducing fuel consumption and significantly reducing the demand, the lightweight structure of the body and compartment plays an extremely important role. What designers need is extremely advanced material, it is not only lightweight, but also high stability, durability and weatherability to cope with environmental impact.

In a series of tests on fiber-reinforced plastics, the most important items are mechanical strength, physical properties and appearance quality. Other tests related to the stability of the material, durability, anti-ultraviolet, weatherability and so on.