Flexible Grinding Wheel Wear Resistance, Improve Product Life

- Sep 28, 2017-

Resin  Flexible Grinding Wheel is one of the most common varieties of abrasive products. It is a resin as a binder, the loose abrasive bonded together, consolidated into a thickness of l ~ 5 mm or thin film Flexible Grinding Wheel.

Resin flake Flexible Grinding Wheel is mainly used in the metallurgical industry steel bar, steel pipe, flat steel, angle iron, channel, rail, steel and other metal materials cutting processing; semiconductor industry silicon, germanium, sapphire, iron, graphite, Quartz and other metal and non-metallic materials, precision grooving or cutting processing and building materials industry, chemical industry, aerospace industry, machinery industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, metal materials and non-metallic materials, cutting processing.

In the metal material cutting process, the use of resin sheet grinding wheel cutting, has the following advantages:

(1) cutting speed. In the cutting of metal materials, Flexible Grinding Wheel cutting speed is other cutting methods (such as sawing, cutting, etc.) 10 to 20 times.

(2) cutting the size of high precision. The use of grinding wheel cutting, the incision width and the smoothness of the cutting surface, in general, better than the metal sawing.

(3) cutting surface smooth. The surface of the grinding wheel is often not finished after finishing. And the cut surface after sawing is obvious.

(4) can be used for carbide cutting. Such as hardened steel and metal carbides and hard and brittle non-metallic materials, cutting.

(5) abrasive use process, self-sharpening good, do not need to dress.

(6) low cost, the use of grinding wheel cutting costs are significantly lower than other cutting methods.

(7) other aspects of the application. Such as narrow slot incision, hardened steel or super-hard non-metallic parts of the slits and so on.

Development Status of Resin Slab Flexible Grinding Wheel in China

According to statistics, China's annual output of resin Flexible Grinding Wheel about 400,000 tons. At present, the phenomenon of homogeneity of domestic products is serious, the problem of low price competition is becoming more and more prominent, and the profit of products is getting lower and lower. Resin flake wheel where to develop into a troubled manufacturing enterprises a major problem. At present, the domestic resin sheet Flexible Grinding Wheel mainly exists the following aspects:

(1) low binding strength. At present, the domestic resin sheet grinding wheel production is very large, but the product quality compared with similar foreign products, there is a big gap. It is difficult to meet the requirements of high efficiency cutting, and the Flexible Grinding Wheel with line speed of 100-120m / s is difficult to manufacture. It is difficult to meet the requirement of high cutting speed.

(2) wear fast, and some resin Flexible Grinding Wheel only the same foreign products about 1/4 / l / 2 or so.

(3) binder varieties single.

(4) binder heat resistance is low, can not meet the current market conditions under high temperature cutting needs.

(5) product use regardless of targeted is not strong, it is difficult to meet the needs of a variety of materials processing market.

As the grinding wheel abrasive grain, usually harder than the processed material is much higher natural or artificial abrasive. The basic requirement for abrasives is that it is harder than the ground material. Another major feature of abrasive is its dynamic strength or toughness. High toughness makes it easy to crack and break (eg zirconia corundum) each time it penetrates and impacts the workpiece. On the other hand, the more brittle abrasives are more likely to form sharp new cutting edges when used in the case of dullness, thereby increasing the cutting efficiency. The relative brittleness of ordinary abrasives is based on a standard pulverization test using a 12 # particle size abrasive sample, which is subjected to ball milling under specified conditions. The "brittleness index" of the abrasive indicates the degree of fragmentation, and the 12 # particle size sample after ball milling is expressed as a percentage of the 16 # sieve.

The brittleness index characterizes the extent to which the abrasive is easily broken under impact. As the main raw material for the production of resin Flexible Grinding Wheels, while requiring abrasive should have a good particle shape. Under normal circumstances, should be used after many times on the roller processing or milling processing of the multilateral isometric shape as well, to improve product density, effectively increase the product bonding strength, improve product wear resistance, improve product life. In the choice of production of resin Flexible Grinding Wheel abrasive, but also should consider the abrasive and processed materials in the course of the use of chemical reactions.