Grinding Wheel High Grinding Efficiency And Good Shape Retention

- Oct 18, 2017-

The binder of Grinding Wheel is resin, metal, ceramics, electroplating and brazing. Resin Binder Grinding wheel is mainly used for sharpening tools, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and surface grinding; the metal binder grinding wheel is used for cutting grinding, grinding grinding of optical curve grinder, sharpening flute with single edge grinding, and the spiral groove of small bit, which is also suitable for electrolytic grinding. The grinding efficiency of ceramic binder grinding wheel is high, the shape is good, the durability is high, and easy to repair, Grinding Wheel service life is long, and because the ceramic binder itself has good chemical stability, heat, oil, acid and alkali corrosion, can adapt to a variety of grinding fluids, low grinding cost, so now has become an efficient, high-precision grinding of the preferred abrasive; electroplated grinding wheels are suitable for high speed grinding and forming grinding, Also suitable for high efficiency grinding (wet grinding) and in the use of the coordinate grinder, brazing wheel is suitable for ultra-high speed grinding.

The concentration of hard abrasive grinding wheel can not be selected too low, high concentration can bring high grinding ratio, 200% concentration of superhard abrasive grinding wheel is actually a superhard abrasive as an auxiliary material of ordinary grinding wheel, generally not recommended for naming. At present, high speed and high efficiency grinding all adopt high concentration, ceramic binder CBN grinding wheel concentration high efficiency grinding all adopt higher concentration, ceramic binder CBN grinding wheel concentration generally choose more than 125%, such as the import of ceramic CBN grinding Wheel, its concentration is generally 175%~200%.

The hardness level of the grinding wheel indicates the size of the bonding agent to the abrasive control force. The reasonable choice of grinding wheel hardness uniformity and stability and hardness level is an important condition to ensure the grinding quality. The foreign superhard abrasive grinding wheel generally has the $number hardness grade to choose, but the superhard grinding wheel of our country produces is not standard hardness grade, GB6409 also did not stipulate the corresponding standard, therefore the quality is not easy to guarantee, brings the inconvenience to the user, needs to replenish and consummates urgently.

The grinding speed of superhard abrasive grinding wheel should be selected according to the specific conditions of grinding wheel type, grinding mode and cooling. Progressive grinding wheel working speed can obviously improve grinding efficiency and grinding ratio (such as grinding speed of grinding wheel 40%, grinding ratio can be increased by one fold), reduce grinding cost. Metal and resin binder diamond grinding wheel, grinding speed is usually 15~35m/s, ceramic binder CBN grinding wheel grinding speed can be advanced to 45~160m/s, single layer CBN grinding wheel grinding speed can be selected 125~250m/s. The line speed of 80~125m/s has become the mainstream of the world CBN grinding wheel grinding. Grinding depth is generally 0.002~0.010mm, workpiece speed is usually 10~30m/min, longitudinal feed speed is preferable to 0.3~1 5m/min. Coarse grinding time to take a large value, fine grinding when the small value.