Grinding Wheel How To Choose Correctly

- Oct 30, 2017-

There are many kinds of grinding Grinding Wheel, and there are various shapes and sizes, according to grinding wheel abrasive, binder material and manufacturing process, each wheel has a certain scope of application. Improper selection will directly affect the machining accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency. Therefore, the grinding process must be selected according to the specific conditions of the appropriate grinding wheel. How should the wheel be selected correctly? For grinding wheel used in the summary, let everyone plainly select the wheel.

Grinding wheel inner hole and grinding wheel shaft or flange outside the circle, can not be too tight, or grinding when the expansion of heat, easy to expand the grinding wheel, can not be too loose, or grinding wheel prone to eccentric, lose balance, resulting in vibration. General fit Clearance is 0.1~0.8mm, high speed grinding wheel clearance to be smaller. When using the flange disk clamping wheel, two flange diameter should be equal, the external diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the wheel. In the flange and grinding wheel face between the application of thick cardboard or oil-resistant rubber, such as liner, so that the pressure evenly distributed, the nut of the tightening force can not be too large, or the grinding wheel will rupture. Note that the rotation of the fastening thread should be opposite to that of the grinding wheel, that is, when the wheel rotates counterclockwise, the screw thread is used, so that the grinding wheel will rotate the nut more tightly under the action of grinding force.

The general diameter of the wheel larger than 125mm should be balanced, so that the center of gravity of the wheel and its rotating axis coincide.

Uneven grinding wheel in high-speed rotation will produce vibration, color ring processing quality and accuracy of the machine, serious damage and grinding wheel fragmentation. The main cause of imbalance is the uneven density of the grinding wheel, asymmetrical geometric shape and eccentric installation. Therefore, before the installation of the wheel should be balanced, the balance of the wheel is static balance and dynamic balance of the two. In one condition, only static balance is needed, but the dynamic balance must be carried out when the high speed mushroom is cut (the speed is greater than 50m/s) and the high degree of structure grinding. 

If the wheel is unbalanced, the heavier part always goes below. The position of the movable balance block is then balanced. The balanced grinding wheel should be inspected before being installed to the spindle of the machine tool, and the cracked grinding wheel is absolutely forbidden. Between the grinding wheel and the flange should be 0. 5-1 the elastic pad of the book: the diameter of the two flanges must be equal, the size of which is generally half of the diameter of the grinding wheel

The method of balancing the wheel: A few balance blocks are loaded in the annular groove of the flange of the grinding wheel, and the center of gravity of the wheel is coincident with its rotating axis by adjusting the position of the balance block.