Grinding Wheel Safe Operating Procedures

- Sep 28, 2017-

A variety of grinding wheel types, and a variety of shapes and sizes, according to the grinding wheel abrasive, binder materials and manufacturing process of different, each kind of grinding wheel has a certain scope of application. If you choose improper will directly affect the processing accuracy, surface roughness and production efficiency. Therefore, grinding, must be selected according to the specific circumstances of the appropriate wheel. So how should the correct choice of grinding wheel? Grinding for the commonly used grinding wheel to summarize, so that we clearly choose a white wheel.

1. Abrasive selection Abrasive selection depends mainly on the workpiece material and heat treatment methods.

A. Grinding tensile strength of high material, the choice of toughness of the abrasive.

B. Low hardness, elongation of large materials, the use of more brittle abrasive.

C. High hardness of the material, the choice of higher hardness of the abrasive.

D. Selection of abrasives that are less susceptible to chemical reactions.

Hardness refers to the grinding wheel in the external force under the action of the degree of wear and tear, in order to meet the requirements of different parts of the material grinding processing, manufacturing wheel into different levels of hardness.

Grinding wheel selection is too hard, blunt abrasive is not easy to fall off, easy to block the grinding wheel, grinding heat increased, the workpiece easy to burn, grinding efficiency is low, affecting the workpiece surface quality; grinding wheel is too soft, abrasive is still sharp , Increased the wheel wear, easy to lose the correct geometry, affecting the accuracy of the workpiece. Therefore, the choice of grinding wheel hardness should be appropriate, but also should be based on the wheel and the workpiece contact area size, the workpiece shape, grinding, cooling, grinding wheel binder and other factors to consider.

Grinding machine machinery factory one of the most commonly used machinery and equipment. It is installed properly, does it meet the safety requirements; it is used incorrectly, does it conform to safety procedures. These issues are directly related to each employee's personal safety, so the actual use must cause us to pay enough attention.

Positioning the location of the installation of the grinder, we first have to consider the installation process, only selected a reasonable and appropriate location, we can carry out other work. Grinder prohibit the installation is facing the nearby equipment and operators or often someone in the past, generally larger workshop should be set up special wheel room. If the plant can not be set to limit the terrain can not set a special grinding wheel room, should be installed on the front of the grinder is not less than 1.8m height of the protection baffle, and the baffle requirements firm and effective.

Balance problem wheel imbalance mainly by the wheel manufacturing installation is not accurate, so that the wheel center of gravity and the rotation axis does not coincide caused. Uneven imbalance caused by the main performance of two aspects, on the one hand when the high-speed rotation of the wheel, causing vibration, easy to cause the workpiece surface polygonal vibration; the other hand, the imbalance to accelerate the spindle vibration bearing wear and tear, Even cause an accident. Therefore, the requirements directly larger than or equal to 200mm sand office installed on the chuck after the static balance should be static, grinding wheel after finishing or job recovery or imbalance should be repeated static balance.