High Efficiency Grinding Wheel 100x6x16mm

- Mar 24, 2019-

This grinding wheel 100x6x16mm is our new research products which can have top sharpness character to help direct user to get the highest efficiency work process . 

High efficiency grinding disc 100x6x16mm

The main advantage of this abrasive grinding wheel 100x6x16mm as follows 

1: High efficiency grinding with the same using life .  It can double the efficiency of the workers

2: Have good grinding feeling.  In the grinding process, no pungent odor, more environmentally.

3:  The Cost of this grinding wheel near the same as our best quality common grinding wheel 100x6x16mm, but this grinding wheel 100x6x16mm can help direct user to finish more workpiece grinding work during the orginal same working time , so that direct user can get the double benefit .

4: The unique appearance enables the agent to become the only distributor of this special products in his sale market . 

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