High Efficient Cutting Disc And Grinding Disc

- Dec 21, 2019-

In order to supply high efficient cutting disc and grinding disc to customers, our company use one year to develope new cutting wheel and grinding disc with best sharpness and long using life time to meet cutomers'demand .

This new kind cutting wheel and grinding disc not only have special color, but also they are made from one special material "SG" to ensure the disc have best sharpness and long using life time.

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1: What is SG abrasive material ?

 SG abrasive material belong to the ceramic corundum abrasives. There are two understandings of the meaning of SG:

  The first is an abbreviation for the manufacturing process of abrasives. There are two main types, sol-gel and "seeded gel" processes.

  The second is the patented product of Saint-Gobain (SG) classic ceramic abrasive, which is a revolutionary new-generation alumina abrasive with high hardness, good toughness and strong sharpness.

2: What is the difference  between  traditional abrasives and SG abrasives ?

The main difference lies in the way of sharpening. SG abrasive is composed of extremely uniform sub-microcrystals, which can continuously provide new cutting edges through micro-crushing under pressure, thereby bringing smooth grinding performance.  

SG abrasives have a lower cutting temperature. Compared with traditional abrasives, they have less burn or metallographic damage to difficult-to-grind materials, and can remain sharp for a long time under different loads, with less total downtime and longer life. 

abrasive material

3: Why we use the SG abrasives to make our cutting wheel and grinding disc ?

First of all, SG abrasives have brought about an overall improved cutting effect. In the traditional cutting process, burns and difficult cuts are often encountered. At the same time, with the development of technology, the hardness and plasticity of metal workpieces have gradually increased. At present, traditional abrasives cannot meet cutting requirements. For example, in deep-cut and slow-moving applications, traditional grinding wheels need to be polished multiple times, with low efficiency, poor molding results, and high total production costs. The atmospheric hole deep-cut slow-feed grinding wheel made with SG abrasive can achieve the effect of one-time shaping of the grinding teeth. Large cutting depth, high efficiency, long life, low total production cost, especially suitable for metals with higher hardness after quenching, and can replace hobbing tools under certain conditions.

Secondly, SG abrasives meet the needs of enterprise automation. In the context of Industry 4.0, higher requirements are placed on the automatic control of the company's production. It is necessary to more accurately control the pressure and size in the cutting process, and reduce the dressing loss of the grinding wheel. Therefore, SG abrasive can bring a more stable and efficient production experience. It has the advantages of high wear ratio, strong shape retention, good surface processing quality, less grinding wheel dressing, and high grinding efficiency. It can effectively increase output and reduce labor cost.

4: what is the application of the cutting wheel and grinding disc made by SG abrasives?

The abrasive  grinding Wheel made by SG material  are particularly suitable for the grinding of aerospace alloys, hardened steels, tool steels, hard chromium, hard cast iron, etc.

 We always make our abrasive cutting wheel and grinding disc according to the grinding requirements of different occasions from customers', so that we can use a certain proportion  mixed with white corundum or other corundum abrasives to make grinding wheels to achieve the best combination of grinding quality and grinding wheel cost..

We / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD not only can supply best quality abrasive cutting wheel and grinding disc to every customers , but also we keep researching our new abrasive disc to ensure our company always belong to  the leading company in abrasive area . 

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