- Mar 20, 2021-

In our company/JUMA ABRASIVE CO,LTD , When we get the confirmed order of the abrasive cutting disc and grinding wheel from our customers, we can finish the order products within 30days . 

In order to make every customer know the detail process , we show our production systerm here . 

1: When we get the confirmed order of the abrasive cutting disc and grinding wheel from our customer, we will have a technical meeting to discuss the order and make the detail production art.

2: Because many customers like use their own brand label on the order products, we will design the brand label and package box for customer confirmation.

 After getting the design confirmation from our customers , we will start to order the brand label , package box and other raw material to prepare the order production.

Brand label printing time : 7-10days

Package box printing time : 7-10days

3: After getting the brand label, we will arrange to produce the order goods for customers .

A : Abrasive Raw Material (corundum) and resin bond choice

The abrasive raw material (corundum) of our best cutting wheel have different kind.  The main basic abrasive raw material (corundum) as follows:

abrasive raw material

In order to ensure our cutting disc and grinding wheel have best performance, such as sharpness character and higher durability character, we also add some new research raw material into the production material .

Different raw material ingredient will show different performance on cutting wheel, so that we can meet every customers’ market and direct using.

B: fiberglass net choice

All of our cutting disc and grinding wheel only use one best strengthen fiberglass net during the manufacture process . This kind fiberglass nets have the higher strength to ensure the max speed of cutting wheel according with European safety standard.

Generally, we use 2 best strengthen fiberglass nets inside and 2 layer outside of our disc to meet different demand from customers.

4: Production line

At present, We / JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD have about 150 production line, including some fully automated production line to ensure the order finished time.

Generally we can finish one container order goods within 7-10days, when the order goods start to produce.

5: Completed the process on the production line, we will do the important production art process: cutting disc and grinding wheel hardening process.

Cutting disc and grinding wheel hardening process belong to the second important production art, just because this process will affect the hardness , strengthen, durability of the finished cutting wheel.


In our company , we finish this process in our own Tunnel kiln which is the longest line in China until now . Temperature curve, hardening time and cooling time are all controlled by computer, so as to achieve stable and uniform product quality.

heat treatment

6: After cutting wheel finished the hardening process, our package workers will do the strict appearance inspection to ensure every pc cutting wheel belong to the qualified products to do the next shrink process.

cutting disc apperance checking

Appearance inspection

cutting disc Safety Speed Detection

Safety Speed Detection

7: Shrink and package according with customers’ demand 

cutting disc package process

8: order ship to deliver goods 

If you need high quality cutting disc, grinding wheel and abrasive flap disc, welcome your inquiry and visit latter.