JUMA ABRASIVE Steel Cutting Wheel 14 Inch Test

- Sep 27, 2017-

Basic information 

Abrasive cutting wheel type : 14" abrasive cutting wheel  355x3.0x25.4 mm

Color of cutting disc :  Green 

Fiberglass nets :  One net and two nets 

Brand name : JUMA 

OEM Brand :  Accept 

Main advantages :

1. Long using life during the cutting process . 

JUMA ABRASIVE cut-off wheel 14 inch ( 355x3.0x25.4mm) for metal steel and stainless steel have the best cutting performance and long using life.This abrasive cutting wheel can rest 345mm at least after 10 cuts on stainless steel bar with size 40mm. 

2: High metal removal rate, High stability, High efficiency ,  40s / one cut off on steel bar size 40mm 

3: Good feeling and comfortable during using process 

4:  Maximum safety, Can be used for stainless steel and some other color expensive steel

355cutting wheel two net (2)_副本.jpg


Color carton box to package , 25pcs / carton 

Delivery time 

In JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , we can finish the order after receiving the advanced payment within 20days 

Quality assurance

In our company JUMA ABRASIVE CO.,LTD , not only we have  the strictly executes quality management system of ISO 9001 in company operation, but also we do more iterm of cutting wheel and grinding wheel inspection before order goods delivery, such as  boundary dimension testing , equilibrium character testing, circular degree testing , axial runout tolerance testing , Max. rotate speed testing , cutting and grinding performance test on steel bar . 

1: Boundary dimension test of cutting wheel and grinding wheel can ensure to let our customer get the right products ;

2: Equilibrium character testing, circular degree testing and axial runout tolerance testing can help us to ensure JUMA ABRASIVE  Cut-off Wheel and Grinding Disc have the best comfortable feeling and best performance during the using process , not have any vibration 、less noise and dust.

3: Max. rotate speed testing can ensure the Maximum safety during workers using process .  

4: cutting and grinding performance test can ensure the best quality abrasive products according with the need from customers.  In our company , we can design and manufacture different characteristics of cutting wheel and grinding wheel according your market need . 


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