Metal Cutting Wheel Improve, Environmental Protection, Clean, Intelligent

- Oct 30, 2017-

Social development, the progress of science and technology, people's demand these factors promote the continuous upgrading of products, in the early 20th century, the invention of oxygen cutting, the invention of the 50 's plasma cutting machine, after decades, especially the development of nearly twenty or thirty years, now show in front of people is a generation of new high-performance full CMetal Cutting Wheel machine, So what direction will the future of the cutting machine develop?

Throughout the decades of CMetal Cutting Wheel machine development process, you can predict CMetal Cutting Wheel opportunities in the following directions:

(1) The intelligent development of Metal Cutting Wheel. The past manual control of CMetal Cutting Wheel has not been able to meet the development needs of CNC machinery management. The control of the future needs to be controlled by computer to CMetal Cutting Wheel machine, so that our Metal Cutting Wheel to intelligent, in the whole system, intelligent has also become a big breakthrough in CNC development.

(2) CMetal Cutting Wheel to achieve network. The power of the network in 21st century has been unstoppable, CMetal Cutting Wheel network is also a historical necessity. To strengthen the CMetal Cutting Wheel machine and network combination of production research and development, combined with the advantages of network development of new cutting machine projects. Such development will certainly promote the network to drive the new generation of CMetal Cutting Wheel technology changes.

(3) The multi-functional development of cutting machine. CMetal Cutting Wheel Machine, a variety of processing technology gradually mature, in each machine can meet multiple tasks to complete a variety of production requirements. Such a composite production will be a new round of advanced production methods, CMetal Cutting Wheel machine industry technology research should pay more attention to the development of numerical control, research and construction can accomplish multiple tasks to complete a variety of production requirements of CMetal Cutting Wheel machine.

(4) to high-speed and high precision development. For precision machining technology, the processing precision from the original silk level to the current CMetal Cutting Wheel micron and submicron level, to the precision of the nanometer level closer. Because the precision of the modern High-tech products to meet the high requirements, in line with the new era of development requirements.

(5) Environment-friendly CMetal Cutting Wheel machine. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, environmental protection, clean, intelligent CMetal Cutting Wheel machine is the inevitable trend of its development.