New Cutting Wheel 4inch With Best Performance

- Jul 07, 2019-

This cutting wheel 4" ( 107x1.0x16mm)  is one kind new research cutting wheel which have 1.0mm thickness and less weight .   new 4cutting wheel 107x1.0x16mm

The cutting wheel can be use for cutting metal steel and stainless steel . 

Performance of this cutting wheel 4" as follows 

During the cutting process , it can finish one cut off within 3 seconds on stainless steel 16mm solid bar . Before using out , it can have 45cuts on 16mm stainless steel solid bar . 

The performance of common cutting wheel 4" as follows:

1: have the thickness 1.2mm or more 

2:  During the cutting process , common 4inch cutting wheel 107x1.2x16mm will take about 6 seconds to  finish one cut off  on stainless steel 16mm solid bar . 

3:  The using life time of  common 4inch cutting wheel 107x1.2x16mm on 16mm stainless steel solid bar is about 35cuts . 

Compared with common 4inch cutting wheel , the new research cutting wheel 4" ( 107x1.0x16mm) have the special advantage as follows 

1:  Higher efficiency, fast cutting speed; 

2:  High durability and long using life time . 

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