Resin Grinding Wheel Use And Installation Considerations

- Nov 23, 2016-

1, be sure to check the product before use if cracked, products and mute sound, if you cannot use the

Wheel is max 2, levy and line speed, load machine must first confirm that the speed of the machine, do not exceed speed marked on the grinding wheel, ensure the machine has good guards, wheel center hole and the grinding wheel axis must match, otherwise you cannot use

3, caught in the grinding wheel flanges on both sides, its shape and size must be the same. Flange diameter must conform to the requirements, flanked by fluted

4, the installation of fixed wheel elastic when appropriate, start the machine idle for a minute or so after installation, no abnormality before use

5, and regardless of is in, polished, using Shi by to of pressure to uniform, is strictly prohibited wheel adjustment rotating Shi and artifacts violent collision, into knife Shi to slowly progressive, cutting big diameter artifacts Shi, to day reduced wheel and artifacts of contact surface, cutting minimum angle, prevent burn knife and card saw, each appeared burn knife card saw not moving Shi, should filed wheel machine with angle will wheel of cutting edged slightly rub about Hou, again to cutting on can smooth cutting down