Resin Grinding Wheel Use And Installation Considerations(2)

- Nov 23, 2016-

6, to ensure the workpiece Fixed Blade securely, do not overlap the workpiece cutting, prevent the workpiece cutting loose, cracked wheel caused the accident

7, and wheel machine of power and was processing artifacts of contact area directly effect wheel of into knife speed and hang steam round of using effect, dang machine of power small was processing artifacts contact area big Shi, selection hardness slightly soft some of wheel, into knife Shi of pressure also to small some, or will appeared damaged machine or caused cut not moving of phenomenon, effect wheel of using effect

8, sanding the workpiece cannot be made at the end of the cutting wheel, so as to avoid accidents

9, cymbals grinding wheel abrasive and workpiece at a 30-degree angle when

10, Hangzhou motor wheels are marked with using objects and safety warning labels, no out of Hangzhou steam turbine-the use of