Selection Of Abrasives

- Nov 23, 2016-

Abrasive is the primary material for manufacturing grinding wheel, it bears a cutting work. Therefore, the abrasives must be sharp, and has high hardness, good heat resistance and toughness.

Particle size and its choice

[1] refers to the size of abrasive grain size. Abrasive and powder granularity is divided into two categories. For abrasive particle sizes larger than 40 μ m, known as the abrasive. Graded by the filter method, grain size, grain through a sieve to represent the number of perforations per inch length. Such as grain size 60# just passed with 60 holes per inch length of the screen. For the abrasive particle size less than 40 μ m, known as the powder. Classification of micro-measuring method, represented by w and the number after the grain size number, the w after the number that represents the actual size of the powder. W20 represent the actual size 20 μ m powder.